Physical Fitness

 Physical fitness can be obtained by taking healthy foods and  nutrients (including micro nutrientsmacro nutrients and minerals

A state of well being which ensures sufficient capacity and energy to do a variety of physical activities without undue fatigue is known as Physical fitness

Fitness is generally achieved through good nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and rest.

Good nutrition comes from healthy eating. Exercise can be done by a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Good hygiene must be practiced to avoid illnesses and maintain well being. Rest is necessary for the body cells and systems to rejuvenate stress and exercise.

Indoor activities

Indoor activity is an easy way to get health and fitness .Several activities can ensure enough physical activity without going outside. The combination of a few listed indoor activities would be sufficient to ensure physical fitness.

  • Helping mom with household chores
  • Cleaning/rearranging your room
  • Jumping rope
  • Juggling
  • Exercise
  • Stretching 
  • Yoga 
  • Treasure hunt
  • Hula hooping
  • Weight lifting
  • Treadmill 
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Outdoor activities 

Outdoor activity is an easy way to get health and fitness. If the circumstances permit outdoor activities can be very helpful in maintaining physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Swimming
  • Gardening
  • Riding bicycle
  • Brisk walking
  • Jogging
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Martial arts
  • Gym
  • Neighborhood walks
  • Exploring
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Hygiene is an easy way to get health and fitness.Hygiene is a series of practices performed to preserve health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. Hygiene refers to maintaining the body’s cleanliness. There are different types of hygiene

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Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene are below:

  • Take a bath
  • Clean clothes
  •  Trimmed nails
  • Clean shoes
  • Wash hands with soaps after defecation or before eating 
  •  Clean towel
  • Clean teeth 
  • Proper haircut
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Food hygiene

Food hygiene are below:

  • Always wash fruits and vegetables 
  • Cover food with clean cloth or lid 
  • Store foods at the proper temperature 
  • Protect food from files
  • Beware of insects and cockroaches
  • Use safe drinking water
  • Refrigerate foods within 2 hours after cooking
  • Separate raw and cooked foods
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Home hygiene

Home hygiene are below

  • Proper sanitation facility
  • Wash bathrooms and toilets regularly
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Proper waste disposal
  • Cover the drains
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Here are some things that you should know

The kitchen has to be a very clean place, free of dust and grime.

  • Hands should be washed before preparing food.
  • Cutting boards, knives, utensils, and countertops should always be kept clean and should be washed in hot soapy water 
  • Kitchen surfaces should be cleaned with a clean cloth or paper towel
  • Food should be cooked thoroughly, especially meat, eggs, and seafood. This will kill all bacteria.
  • In hot weather, food that can go bad should be put in the fridge after1-w hours of cooking
  • Bacteria multiply rapidly between 4.4oCand 60oC Therefore, the temperature of the fridge should be set at 4.4oC and of the freezer at -18oC.
  • Food can go bad after being in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.
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